Music Leads the Way

The “Music Leads the Way” project, executed by Selam Ethiopia in collaboration with the Ethiopian Musicians’ Association (EMA), is a continuation of the “Urban Addis Project.” Funded by Forum Syd, it seeks to provide opportunities for young, emerging musicians in Addis Ababa, emphasising the cultural potential for socio-economic development and income generation.

Brief Information

The project extends the workshops initiated during “Urban Addis,” offering training to empower young musicians to use social media as a platform for their voices. By creating these platforms, the project encourages discussions on societal attitudes and behaviour, reinforcing participants’ understanding of their rights. “Music Leads the Way” plans to engage 400 youths, with gender parity, over two years, fostering connections between young people from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, it facilitates interactions with established musicians, enabling mentorship and intergenerational learning.

Project Goals and Objectives:

Provide new physical and virtual platforms for emerging musicians and cultural workers in four major Ethiopian cities, enabling self-improvement, collective organisation, and social development over two years.

Project Objectives:
  • Enhance the knowledge and organisational capacity of entities supporting young Ethiopian musicians and cultural workers.
  • Implement a two-year music/culture program for young musicians and cultural workers, fostering unique platforms for collective organisation and cultural understanding.
  • Advocate for increased music/culture education programs to bolster the interest and position of young musicians and cultural workers in society.

Target Groups:

  1. Young, emerging musicians (aged 16-30) relying on music as their profession.
  2. Secondary school students (aged under 20) with a focus on environmental awareness.
  3. Bands in need of support, regardless of age, to enhance their musical journey.

– Ethiopian Musicians Association
– Addis Ababa Youth Association

Project Outcome

The project aimed to create transformative platforms for young musicians and cultural workers to empower themselves, enhancing their role in society through cultural understanding, environmental leadership, and gender issues over two years.

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