Our Journey

In the heart of a historic land rich in traditions, a movement for change began. Selam Ethiopia emerges as a force for transformation through culture. We’re an international organisation that’s not part of the government or a business, and we’re here to support a vibrant cultural environment. Our mission goes beyond just arts; it affects many aspects of life. Our vision is to create a strong cultural foundation in Ethiopia. This vision is a call for change and our commitment to shaping a lively cultural scene. Our mission is clear: to lead the growth of Ethiopia’s cultural sector. Our journey empowers people, using culture to promote peace, democracy, and economic growth. We encourage young people to participate and be active citizens. Through dedication, we create cultural connections that cross borders.

Selam Ethiopia started in 2005 thanks to Teshome Wondimu, an Ethiopian descent musician who himself served in the Ethiopian Navy march band and also has a big vision to promote Ethiopian and African culture worldwide. Selam Ethiopia’s story is full of vibrant chapters. Festivals like Selam Festival Addis, Selam Festival Bahir Dar, and Addis Jazz Festival celebrate culture and bring people together. These events not only showcase talent but also promote cultural exchange and unity. Supported by Swedish donors like Forum Syd and the Swedish PostCode Lottery, projects like Muzikawi help bring our vision to life. Our presence extends across Ethiopia, from the busy streets of Addis Ababa to different regions. Selam Ethiopia becomes a hub for creativity and innovation, providing a platform for local talents to shine. We embrace various art forms like music, circus, media, literature, theatre, and film as means of connection.

Selam Ethiopia isn’t just an organisation; it is a catalyst for change. Our approach includes capacity building, events, production, forums, distribution, and research. Projects like “Culture Leads the Way,” “Inner Vision,” “Cultural Abilities,” “Cultural Enabler,” “Music Leads the Way,” and “Urban Addis” reflect our commitment. Cultural diversity, fairness, empowerment, responsibility, professionalism, and innovation are at the heart of Selam Ethiopia. We have a special focus on supporting women, youth, and people with disabilities. Our influence extends across Ethiopia, from Addis Ababa to remote regions, leaving a lasting impact.

Today, Selam Ethiopia stands strong, actively generating employment opportunities, championing artistic freedom, defending human rights and democracy, fostering peace, and bolstering institutions through comprehensive capacity-building initiatives and diverse resources.

Our journey isn’t just a story; it’s proof of culture’s power, a legacy of change, and a guiding light for Ethiopia’s future. As our story continues, we inspire a nation to thrive through culture, one step at a time.


To bridge cultural gaps and facilitate new meetings. Selam exists to challenge the fact that different parts of society, all around the world, lack the opportunity to unite around culture. Everyone should be able to find & enjoy the cultural expressions that are important to each one of us. Everyone should be able to reach their potential to create and share culture.


A world where everyone has equal access to the power of culture improves people’s life, builds community and makes dreams come true.

Selam, the parent company of Selam Ethiopia, stands as a beacon of cultural transformation and empowerment. With its roots deeply embedded in fostering creativity and innovation, Selam nurtures a diverse range of projects aimed at amplifying the arts' impact on society. Through its dynamic initiatives, including Selam Ethiopia, Selam continues to illuminate the path toward a more interconnected and culturally enriched world, harnessing the transformative potential of culture for positive change.

Muzikawi, an extension project of Selam Ethiopia, is a dynamic initiative that breathes new life into Ethiopian culture. Through vibrant performances, workshops, and collaborative events, Muzikawi creates a platform for musicians and artists to showcase their talents, fostering cultural exchange and unity. This project amplifies the rich tapestry of Ethiopian music and arts, enriching the nation's cultural landscape while promoting creative growth and interconnectivity.

The Addis Jazz Festival, intricately linked to Selam Ethiopia, emerges as a harmonious celebration of music and culture. As an extension of Selam's visionary efforts, the festival infuses the vibrant pulse of jazz into Ethiopia's artistic tapestry. With the rhythm of unity and diversity, it becomes a captivating platform where local and international artists harmonise, transcending borders through their melodies. The festival resonates with Selam's commitment to fostering cultural exchange, bridging communities, and showcasing the transformative power of the arts in shaping a brighter collective future.

Focus Areas

Job Creation

At Selam Ethiopia, we are dedicated to fostering job creation and economic growth. Through various initiatives, partnerships, and programs, we aim to empower communities, especially youth, with skills and opportunities to build a brighter future. Explore how Selam Ethiopia is actively contributing to employment generation and sustainable development.

Peace Building

Peace Building stands as a central pillar of Selam Ethiopia's mission. We are dedicated to creating a harmonious and conflict-free Ethiopia. Through community engagement, dialogue initiatives, and collaborative efforts, we work towards sustainable peace, unity, and prosperity for all. Explore how Selam Ethiopia is actively contributing to a more peaceful and inclusive society.

Artistic Freedom

Our commitment to Artistic Freedom  forms the foundation of our mission. We firmly believe in the power of these values to shape a just and open society. Discover how we actively advocate for these principles, fostering an environment where creativity thrive.

Human Rights and Democracy

Selam Ethiopia, at the crossroads of art and culture, champions human rights and democracy. Through music, film, circus, theater, and more, it amplifies voices for justice and freedom. Selam Ethiopia sparks vital conversations, inspiring social change and celebrating Ethiopia's culture while raising awareness.

Institutional Building

Selam Ethiopia prioritizes institutional development through diverse capacity-building programs and material support, involving local and foreign experts. We offer tailored training in areas like management, marketing, and finance, emphasizing government offices. These initiatives equip government agencies and institutions with essential knowledge and skills for excellence.

Regional Coverage

Addis Ababa







Debre Birhan




In Addis Ababa, Selam Ethiopia plays an active role in fostering cultural enrichment and societal development through an array of initiatives. These encompass cultural forums, vibrant festivals like Selam Festival Addis and Addis Jazz Festival, skill-enhancing training programs, informative workshops, captivating circus shows, vital institutional support, creative short film and music productions, insightful research endeavors and impactful policy advocacy efforts.

In Oromia, Selam Ethiopia has been actively engaged in Adama, organizing Culture Forums, providing various training sessions and workshops, hosting circus shows, producing short films and documentaries like “Loret Tsegaye Gebremedhin”. Additionally, Selam Ethiopia showcases musical talent through concise music productions, embodying a nuanced and comprehensive approach to supporting cultural engagement and societal development.

In Shashemene, Selam Ethiopia is dedicated to community development, employing a comprehensive strategy. The organization’s focal point is delivering extensive training programs that span a diverse array of subjects. These carefully crafted initiatives cater to the various needs of the community, ensuring a thorough and impactful enhancement of skills for sustained growth and progress.

In Bahirdar, Selam Ethiopia hosts engaging Culture Forums and informative Selam Talks. The organization orchestrates the lively Selam Festival Bahirdar, offers diverse training programs and workshops, showcases captivating circus shows and tours. Additionally, Selam Ethiopia provides crucial institutional support and produces short films and music, all contributing significantly to the cultural enrichment of the community.

In Gondar, our primary emphasis centers on the vibrant realms of poetry and music performances. We channel our creative efforts into curating captivating experiences, showcasing the rich artistic tapestry of the region. Furthermore, our commitment extends to the production of the Gondar Fasiledes Album, a testament to our dedication to preserving and celebrating the cultural essence through the timeless medium of music.

In Dessie, our community engagement takes diverse forms, weaving together the magic of circus shows, the soulful expression of poetry, and the enchanting melodies of music performances. Through these varied and dynamic avenues, we foster a vibrant cultural tapestry that resonates with the unique spirit of Dessie. This collective celebration of creativity creates a space where the community can come together, share, and revel in the richness of artistic expression.

In Sekota, our commitment to cultural enrichment takes shape through the vibrant Selam Culture Forums. These forums, encompassing Shadey, Ashendye, and Solele, serve as lively platforms for exploring and celebrating the diverse facets of local traditions. Complementing these engaging discussions are captivating traditional performances and music shows. Together, these versatile initiatives create an immersive experience, fostering a deeper connection to the rich cultural tapestry of Sekota.

In Debre Birhan, our impactful initiatives cover a diverse spectrum, embracing vital training programs, enlightening workshops, captivating circus shows, and enlightening tours. Through dedicated institutional support, we facilitate distinctive experience-sharing platforms such as Circus ArbaMinch Vs Circus Debre Birhan. This comprehensive approach fosters not only cultural exchange and skill-building but also plays a pivotal role in nurturing the holistic development of communities across the region, creating a tapestry of positive change.

In Tigray, our efforts were more centered in Mekele, encompassing a range of activities such as Culture Forums, training sessions, workshops, circus performances, institutional support for Circus Sina and the Tigray Traditional Music Group, short film production, Ashenda celebrations, and the creation of albums and short music productions, all contributing to cultural enrichment and development in the region.

In SNNPR region, Selam Ethiopia actively engages in Hawassa. Our endeavors encompass a rich array of activities, from the facilitation of Culture Forums and diverse training sessions to immersive workshops, captivating circus shows, and strategic institutional support. Notably, our collaboration extends beyond borders with the Africa Circus club, amplifying our collective efforts in fostering cultural enrichment, skill development, and community empowerment within the vibrant context of Hawassa.

In Arbaminch, our dedicated focus extends to dynamic circus shows, engaging tours, and distinctive experience-sharing platforms such as Circus ArbaMinch Vs Circus Debre Birhan. These initiatives play a pivotal role in contributing to the cultural enrichment of the community and fostering broader aspects of community development. By weaving together these diverse elements, our efforts in Arbaminch create a vibrant tapestry of cultural expression, mutual learning, and community empowerment.

Our Approach

Capacity Building

Selam Ethiopia employs a multifaceted approach to capacity building. We conduct workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions aimed at enhancing skills within cultural organisations, government offices, and associations, with programs available in both short and extended formats. Simultaneously, we focus on specific groups, particularly youth, prioritising skill and knowledge enhancement through technical training and professional development. These initiatives promote skill growth, experience sharing, and networking.

Additionally, we reinforce our capacity-building efforts through practical workshops, offering unique training experiences and occasional material support. Our overarching goal is to comprehensively empower individuals and institutions, thus strengthening the cultural sector. By nurturing talent and fostering skill development, we aim to create a vibrant and sustainable environment for the arts to thrive.


Selam Ethiopia’s scope of production extends well beyond the realm of music, encompassing a rich tapestry of artistic domains, including film, media, circus arts, literature, and theatre. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of our work. In each of these fields, we collaborate with seasoned professionals, bringing their expertise and experience to every project.

This commitment to quality is deeply rooted in the comprehensive training we provide during the capacity-building phase, ensuring that our productions consistently resonate and make a lasting impact within the cultural landscape. Selam Ethiopia takes immense pride in delivering not only high-quality artistic endeavours but also tangible and meaningful contributions to the enrichment of culture and the arts, reflecting our dedication to fostering creativity and innovation.


Selam Ethiopia’s distribution approach transcends conventional dissemination; it serves as a dynamic conduit for sharing our rich productions across diverse artistic realms. From music and film to media, circus arts, literature, and theatre, our dedication to excellence infuses each project, harnessing the expertise honed during our capacity-building initiatives to ensure deep resonance.

Beyond traditional distribution, we actively engage in enlightening talks and dialogues through our “Selam Talks” platform, tackling vital issues intersecting art and culture. These discussions spark constructive conversations and chart paths forward. Furthermore, our research initiatives delve comprehensively into the arts sector, providing invaluable insights that enrich the cultural landscape. This commitment to multifaceted distribution amplifies our impact, fostering positive change and furthering the cause of the arts within our society.


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