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Embark on a visual odyssey with Selam Ethiopia’s Creative Productions—a curated collection of diverse works that artfully reveal the essence of our cultural engagements. Each production serves as a portal, transporting you into the heart of various communities and their stories. The vibrant tapestry of cultural expressions in our works weaves a narrative that transcends borders. Experience the power of storytelling as we showcase the transformative impact of art and culture across different mediums. Join us on this creative journey, where every frame unfolds a chapter in the vibrant story of Selam Ethiopia and its profound cultural impact through circus, documentary films, music, literature, and theatre.

Explore the heart of Selam Ethiopia’s initiatives with Selam Talks — a dynamic platform fostering panellists from Ethiopia and around the globe. These engaging sessions are carefully crafted to explore a spectrum of topics, addressing crucial issues within the country. Held boldly to underscore the significance of art and culture, Selam Talks delves into building crucial pillars like peace, democracy, job creation, and artistic freedom. Join us in fostering dialogue, understanding, and cultural enrichment through the enlightening conversations of Selam Talks. As diverse voices converge, we amplify unique perspectives, creating a shared space where insights, experiences, and ideas converge to shape a more interconnected and informed community. Experience the transformative power of dialogue with Selam Talks.

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